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Are you related to Joe & Dee Ems?

Yep! I’m their kid!

What is a 4 point inspection and do I need one?

A 4 point inspection is generally required with homes over 30 years old. The report talks about the condition of the roof, electrical, a/c and plumbing including the water heater and what the last updates to each respective area were last completed. There will be pictures accompanying each.

What is a wind mitigation report and do I need one?

A wind mitigation report is not a required inspection, however, it is what tells us how securely the roof is attached to the house and/or if there is any hurricane rated opening protection. While this report is not required, it is highly recommended because it tells us of any available discounts…. and we love discounts!

Is there a discount for the color of my car?

Nope! So go find the color you love most and show that bad boy off all around town!

What is a declarations page?

The declarations page or “dec” page is where your coverage is listed out in the policy. An ID card is not a dec page. The ID card does not list the coverage specifics and we need that for rating and proof of prior insurance reasons.

What is "Full Coverage"?

The term "full coverage" is something we hear daily but it is almost always misused. The State of Florida only requires a driver to carry $10,000 in property damage liability coverage (which pays out to others, not to you) and personal injury protection coverage. That’s it. Vehicle coverage is not required by the State. There are 7+ additional coverages that can be included on an auto policy, all of which are optional outside of the State required coverage. Asking for "full coverage" as per the State of Florida is not adequate coverage for anyone.  Check out our auto insurance page for more details.

Can you insure my out of state properties?

We have markets in all 50 states and some international. Let’s chat to see if our markets are a good fit for your needs!

What is an umbrella policy and do I need one?

It is an extra $1,000,000+ (depending on chosen limits) in liability coverage protection over all auto policies, homeowners/rental policies and toys such as motorcycles, boats, etc. policies. There is an option to also include additional uninsured motorist coverage starting at $1,000,000 in excess coverage. There are underlying limit requirements so ask us for more details! Yes, everyone should explore the umbrella option. Florida is a very litigious state and this could protect you against consequences like garnished wages or losing assets in the event of a claim.

If my tree is hanging over the neighbor’s property, is that my responsibility or theirs?

Yours. You have a duty to maintain the tree and should all or part fall on neighbor’s property, the claim will be filed under your policy. Make sure those limbs are away from fences, roofs, cars, sheds, etc!

Does my homeowner’s policy cover flood?

NO!! Flood is a separate policy. A homeowners policy will never cover losses due to rising water. Talk to us about the difference!

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