Community Outreach

Once a month, we get together as a team to volunteer at different charities throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Our family and friends often join us in what always ends up being a fantastic, soul-cleansing experience. A different member of our team gets to pick the charity on their designated month, often coinciding with their birthday month. We try to collect donations for the charity of the month prior to showing up to not only assist these wonderful organizations, but to also bring awareness to each cause. We always look forward to these special days that not only bring joy to our hearts but also bring us closer together as a team through helping our community.

Featured Event

Past Events

We regularly post about our community outreach events on our Facebook page. Head on over to see more pics and like/comment on our posts! 

June 2023

C&C Lemonade Factory

In June 2023 we sponsored C&C Lemonade Factory's 7th Annual Lemonade Stand Childhood Cancer Fundraiser. The fundraiser was a huge success! The organization raised $20k and earned a spot on the Nightly News with Lester Holt! All proceeds are going towards childhood cancer research.

May 2023

Sunset Beach Cleanup

May was Jeff’s volunteer choice and he went with beach cleanup. There is nothing worse than seeing fishing line discarded where birds, turtles and other animals can get entangled or trash rolling around on our beautiful sandy shores.  It was a great success and, as always, awesome family time!

April 2023

Bakas Equestrian Center

Melissa picked our April volunteering opportunity and chose a place that is very dear to her; a place that brings joy and happiness for so many reasons. Bakas Equestrian Center provides therapeutic horseback riding activities for children and adults afflicted with disabilities across a wide spectrum of physical and mental handicaps. Miss Gina, Miss Hannah, Miss Emmie and Mr. Ray - thank you so much for allowing us to come out and be a part of the wonderful difference you are making!  

March 2023

The Kind Mouse

Evelyn picked our charity of the month for March: The Kind Mouse! To honor the birthday girl’s choice, we ran a month-long food drive to take items with us on our volunteer day.

February 2023


It was a beautiful day for the 10th Locaptopia — a celebration of all things local! We loved volunteering in support of local businesses in St. Pete.

January 2023

The Kind Mouse

Putting in some quality team time volunteering at The Kind Mouse! They are a fantastic local charity providing food to local children in need.