Important announcements to keep you informed about emergencies, storm preparation, and more!

Updated on
August 30, 2023

In the event you sustain a loss, please read the following carefully:

  1. If you find yourself on a flooded street or driveway,  DO NOT attempt to drive through the water as it may be deeper than expected.  Running the motor while in water will cause the motor to flood with severe damage.  Failure to do so may result in a totaled vehicle especially if the water is salt or brackish.        

  1. When it is safe, take as many pictures as possible of the damage.

  1. Take mitigation steps to avoid further damage such as tarping damaged roof, window(s) or openings that may have happened during the storm

  1. If possible,  retain the damaged items until the adjuster is able to inspect.  For example:  wet carpet, furniture, etc.

  1. Keep all receipts from materials you purchase such as tarps, boards, etc. for mitigation efforts.

  1. Keep track of any hired help - neighbors/contractors/handyman, etc. who help tarp, board up, remove trees, etc.

  1. Keep receipts for food, hotel, etc. if you are displaced from your home due to a covered loss - this does not include evacuation expenses.

  1. Contact your homeowner carrier to select a remediation vendor on their approved list to avoid any claim delays or possibly denials.   
  2. If your home was flooded, turn the power off until the water recedes. At that time, turn power back on and lower your a/c as close to 60 degrees as possible to help prevent mold growth.
  3. If you sustained a flood loss, take a TON of pictures - the damaged area, the damaged items, etc. If you are able to grab a measuring tape and show how far up the water line (it will be a line of dirt) went in the house, that is very helpful! If you have wet carpet, you are ok to pull that up but cut a decent sized square of it AND the underlayment so that you can show the adjuster for like/kind/quality consideration in the estimate.
  4. If you own a vehicle with an electric battery, please note if it is stuck in the garage with the heat, it is a fire hazard!  Be careful!
  5. Have patience with the claim process after the storm. Claims are triaged according to severity. You may not get a response immediately if you have damage but your home is habitable as the first priority will be those displaced from their homes. Your claim will be addressed, it just might take a little longer than a normal claim due to the volume.
  6. We will be manning the online chat, emails and phones to the best of our ability. Please have patience with us as well! We will be working diligently to handle  everyone’s claims as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For Flood Prevention / Claims:

If you have a FEMA policy either directly through FEMA or through a "Write Your Own" carrier such as Wright Flood or Bankers, there is a loss avoidance measure in your policy in the event of an imminent flood. This pertains to ONLY those in a flood watch/warning area:

has more information such as what is included in this up to $1000 reimbursement and what is needed to file a claim. This is for preventative measures taken to secure your home before the flood.

If you are insured through private market flood, please take a moment to research what is available to you on your declarations page. Many of these carriers will include benefits for additional living expenses if you are displaced from your home, etc.

Carrier Contact Information:

If you do not see your carrier on this list, please contact us directly to file a claim as there is most likely a form we need to fill out & submit for you.

American Integrity Insurance

1-844-692-4421 or online claims portal

ASI / Progressive Renters

1-844-641-0816 or via Progressive mobile app


Bankers' Catastrophe Office is available 24/7. Please refer to the options provided below to submit a hurricane or tropical storm claim.

Phone: 727-308-0496
Email: ​​​​Bankers' Online Email Form
Text: ​​

When reporting a claim via text, please be sure to include the following information:

•  Policy Number

•  Date of Loss

•  Insured Name

•  Contact Information

•  Brief Description of Damages

•  Property Address

To file a claim unrelated to tropical storms or hurricanes, click here.

Please stay safe! Our claims team is ready and willing to assist.

Bankers Insurance Group

Bristol West



1-877-291-3304 or


There are 3 ways for policyholders to report their claim to Citizens:

  • myPolicy, Citizens’ online policyholder self-service tool that is mobile-ready
  • Policyholders must have a myPolicy account. Information about how to register is available on our myPolicy page.
  • Once a policyholder is logged in to myPolicy, they can select the Claims tab and then click the blue Report a Claim button.
  • Call Citizens’ toll-free 24/7 at 866.411.2742.
  • Contact Melissa Ems Insurance Agency

After reporting, a Claims representative will call the policyholder back with the adjuster’s contact information.

Policyholders should:

  • Report a loss immediately.
  • Take photos and/or video of property damage.
  • Take reasonable emergency measures to protect the property from further damage or prevent unwanted entry to the property.
  • If reasonably possible, retain the damaged property for Citizens to inspect.
  • Keep detailed receipts.
  • Refer policyholders to the Catastrophe Claims webpage on Citizens’ website for more information and direction.

Make sure impacted policyholders are aware of a policy provision that requires them to take reasonable emergency measures for the sole purpose of protecting covered property from further damage when experiencing a loss.

Notice of Loss:
Citizens must receive prompt notice of loss. Except for policy provisions regarding reasonable emergency measures, there may be no coverage for permanent repairs that begin before one of the following occurs:

  • 72 hours after the loss is reported to Citizens
  • Loss is inspected by Citizens
  • Verbal or written approval is provided by Citizens

Covington Specialty Insurance Company

404-231-2366 or

Evanston Insurance Company

1-800-362-7535 or

National Flood Insurance Program / FEMA


Foremost Insurance Company

800-854-6011 or 800-527-3907

Heritage Insurance


Illinois Union Insurance Company

1-844-539-3801 or    

Lexington Insurance

1-800-391-9546 or

Lloyd’s of London


Markel Insurance Company

1-800-362-7535 or  

Mt. Vernon Fire Insurance Company

1-888-523-5545 or

Mercury Insurance

1-800-503-3724 or via Mercury mobile app

Mesa Underwriting Specialty Insurance Company

1-866-455-9969 or


Call at 1-800-293-2532,

Or  Customer Portal.

Nautilus Insurance Company

1-800-842-8972 or

Olympus Insurance

We have Certified Elite Members ready to respond. Please click the link below for the list of our partner vendors responding to this event.

EliteRepair Program


Callin a Claim:  866.281.2242

Penn America Insurance Company

1-800-788-4780 or

Penn Star Insurance Company

1-800-788-4780 or

Progressive Insurance


via Progressive mobile app

report online

Scottsdale Insurance Company

1- 800-423-7675 or  

Slide Insurance

866-230-3758 or

Southern Oak Insurance

Travelers Insurance

1-800-252-4633 or via Travelers mobile app

Tudor Insurance Company

201-847-8600 or

United National Specialty Insurance Company

1-800-788-4780 or

United States Underwriters Insurance Company

1-888-523-5545 or

United States Liability Insurance Company

1-888-523-5545 or

Western World Insurance Company

201-847-8600 or

Wright Flood

Report a claim online using your 14-digit policy number and property zip code.

Without policy number, you can report your claim in other ways:

  • Text the word CLAIM to (727) 777-7066
  • Email and provide detailed information about your account and claim.
  • Call in your claim toll-free at (800) 725-9472

Helpful Resources at Time of Claim:

Visit our online Resource Center where policyholders have access to a variety of helpful flood articles, tools, and information including the 3 Resources you need to File your Flood Claim.

Additional Resources: