"Mighty Mouse"

Tessa Benitez



Here she comes to save the day!! Have you ever met someone and, in a matter of seconds, know they are one of those people who excels at everything they do? Meet Tessa. She is one of those people! Fearless and fierce, Tessa approaches everything with a confidence that just screams she is not going to stop until she is satisfied with the outcome. She is small but mighty and no matter what is thrown at her, she is on it! In the office, she handles renewals and re-markets assisting existing clients to manage their policies while also helping with certificates of insurance and other various tasks. Outside of the office, Tessa has racked up quite the resume including studying Astrophysics & Astronomy, creating beautiful wood burned art and enjoying time spent with her fiancé, Evan (who is an awesome health insurance agent!) including fixing up their ’71 Volkswagen Bug. We are still trying to find something she can’t do!


Tessa Benitez
Tessa Benitez

Fun Facts

Favorite TV show:

"Naruto Shippudden"

Favorite movie:

"Portrait of a Lady on Fire"

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?


If you were forced to listen to only one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

"If We Were Vampires" by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

What is the most ridiculous fact you know?

Cat's whiskers flick forward when they hunt and catch prey.

What is your most unusual talent?

I can flare my nostrils without moving my face.

What would the title of your memoir be?

"Tessa the Messa"

What's one thing that can instantly make your day better?

My fiancé (and cat).